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Thank you for visiting the POLYKING SERVICES LTD website. Browsing through this website, you will find the range of services that Polyking has to offer. Our aim is to keep your living and working environment to the highest standard with the least trouble.



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Current Clients

Polyking has been a long established cleaning, building repair and maintenance services company in HKSAR. Our effort and dedication have been acknowledged by the local government, property management companies and competitors. To achieve our object we have to be proud of and continuously improving our professional services. Performing our best to satisfy our customers in all dimensions has always been our main priority. Hence, we have managed to build a large customer portfolio, with strong working relationships, across various part of HKSAR.

Our Valuable Clients

ResidentialCommerical & IndustrialSchool & Gorvement
Cayley Property Management Ltd.A.S. Watson GroupThe Hong Kong Police
Chevalier Property Management Ltd.Citybase Property Management Ltd.Citybase Property Management Ltd.
Citybase Property Management LtdGoodwell Property Services Ltd.Official Receiver's Office
Crown Wine Cellars Ltd.Long Gaint International LimitedInformation Services Department
Goodwell Property Services Ltd.Protech Property Management Limited
Hang Seng Real Estate Management Ltd.Standard Asia Investment Limited
Hong Yip Service Co. Ltd.The Wharney Guang Dong Hotel H.K.
Hutchison Whampoa Properties Limited
Kerry Property Management Services Limited
Kolot Property Services Ltd.
MTR Corporated Limited
New City Property Management Co. Ltd
New Gem Property Management & Agence Co. Ltd
Paliburg Estate Management Limited
Protech Property Management Limited
Savills Property Management Ltd.
Sino Estates Management Ltd
Synergis Management Services Ltd.
Together Management Co. Ltd.
Wish Concept Limited
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