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Thank you for visiting the POLYKING SERVICES LIMITED website. Browsing through this website, you will find the range of services that Polyking has to offer. Our aim is to keep your living and working environment to the highest possible standard at a minimum cost.



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Company Profile

POLYKING SERVICES LIMITED continuous success has been supported by our long established track record in commercial, industrial and domestic cleaning services, building repair and maintenance operations across a portfolio of estates within both HKSAR and various part of China.

POLYKING SERVICES LIMITED has an excellent reputation at providing professional cleaning, building repair and maintenance services in Hong Kong since 1988. Our long-established professionalism has been recognised as one of the best contractors in this competitive industry. Our superior services have granted us certifications to be the dedicated Government's cleaning and electrical contractor and a member of the Hong Kong Pest Control Association. As a subsidiary member, we are dilated to have the full support of the Allied Group in terms of all professional aspects.


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Cleaning Services

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We provide our customers with high quality cleaning service, from carpet cleaning to building exterior cleaning. You name it we manage it. For further info please visit here.

Repair & Maintenance

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Other than Cleaning services, our highly trained and qualified engineers, offer extensive Repair and Maintenance tasks to our customers. To find out more please visit here.

Allied Group

Member of Allied Group Ltd