About Us

Company Profile

POLYKING SERVICES LIMITED has an excellent reputation at providing professional cleaning, building repair and maintenance services in Hong Kong since 1988. Our long-established professionalism has been recognized as one of the best contractors in this competitive industry. Our superior services have granted us certifications to be the dedicated Government’s cleaning and electrical contractor and a member of the Hong Kong Pest Control Association. As a subsidiary member, we are delighted to have the full support of the Allied Group in terms of all professional aspects.

Vision and Mission

Currently, we are incorporation with a large portfolio of multi-dwelling residential estates, modern commercial complexes and integrated industrial buildings across HKSAR and various parts of China. From general property cleaning and carpet maintenance to pest control, our cleaning department offers our customers a wide range of individual and packaged services. Our building repair and maintenance teams offer sophisticated services ranging from electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning system maintenance to internal and external building alteration and renovation to facilitate restoration of any premises.

Our comprehensive services have always conveyed confidence to our customers in achieving and exceeding their expectations and satisfactions. By utilizing comparable operational approach, employing devoted human resource and pursuing efficient working attitude, POLYKING SERVICES LIMITED is confident in fulfilling whatever the specialized business requirements.